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Beni Paulson, lead bass player, singer, and PBR World Finals qualifier, is all "bout it bout it" when it comes to high energy anything.  Years on the road and on the edge gave Beni a passion for rock & roll and rodeo.  Breaking Eight is a result of that passion.
Jerilyn Wiseman is our vocals queen and Fiddle extraordinaire. She is a competitive rodeo athlete in team roping, breakaway roping, and barrel racing.  Jerilyn's precise and unique fiddle style gives the band a very groovy appeal.  Her personality and rodeo lifestyle adds to the edginess of our live performances.
Ty Taylor has a raft of riffs sure to melt your face off.  He's cool enough to be a 32 Below alumni and you might be able to catch his Dirty Little Secret in Nashville sometime (it's a band.... perfectly moral and legal).  His experience and song writing skills capture a life essence few possess.
Luke Smillie is our Drummer and black belt in awesome!  Luke has a solid pedigree as a national tour drummer but has since chosen to make his home as far away from anywhere as a person can be.  Not only does he sound like a Canadian, he acts like one too (he's not Canadian).  And he's an all 'round good dude.
Luke Smillie is Breaking Eight's amazing drummer.

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