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Luke Smillie

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Luke Smillie is Breaking Eight's top-notch drummer. He is also probably the nicest guy you've ever met.

He grew up on a farm in northeast North Dakota and music was always playing throughout the home. Throughout Luke's life, you could always catch him around some kind of music.


He has been playing drums professionally since the age of 15. He was a national tour drummer with some well-known bands including Subzero, 3 Dollar Molly, and The Roosters.

Besides being a rad musician, Luke has many things that he enjoys doing in his spare time. He loves woodworking, construction projects, and tinkering on anything he can get his hands on. 

There have been many influences that have had a major impact on Luke's musical style. He loves Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doobie Brothers, Dierks Bentley, and The Band Perry. 

Luke loves to see his fans in the crowd. Watch his amazing drumming skills at work at the next Breaking Eight concert.

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