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Ty Taylor

Vocals & Lead Guitar
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Ty Taylor plays a mean lead guitar. His incredible riffs will make you coming back for more!

Music is alive and well in Ty's heart. His amazing guitar playing has allowed him to be a part of some stellar North Dakota bands, including Subzero, October Road, and 32 Below. It was with the band 32 Below where Ty traveled to Nashville and was a part of the National Touring Act with 32 Below. 

Ty has a wide variety of interests including guitars, electronics, serving his community fathers, and the famed North Dakota State University Bison Football. 

There have been many musical influencers in Ty's career such as John Fogerty, Waylon Jennings, Chris LeDoux, Western Underground, Hal Ketchum, Charlie Robison, and Brent Mason.

When Ty's not playing great venues with Breaking Eight, he enjoys being an emergency medical technician, a fireman, and a city commissioner.

Be sure and give Ty a big hello the next time you see him on the road with Breaking Eight!

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Ty Taylor Beni Paulson Breaking
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