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Beni Paulson

Vocals & Bass Guitar
"The relationships I developed, the places all around the world that I traveled, the great bulls I rode, being in rap music was all a very fortunate bonus for all of the work and dedication I did and I consider myself very blessed for all of the opportunities."


- Beni Paulson, Breaking Eight lead singer

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Beni Paulson rode bulls for 15 years and reached the pinnacle of his sport when he competed at the Professional Bull Riders World Finals. He was North Dakota's first bull rider to quality for the event.

Having mastered one profession, Paulson is now mastering another; the world of contemporary country music.

Surprisingly, bull riding, which is also part of the entertainment 

industry, has given him plenty of experiences to draw upon and a good foundation for succeeding in this next adventure.

Beni Paulson, former PBR professional bull rider, turned Breaking Eight country music star.

Beni grew up on a farm/ranch in Dunn County, North Dakota. He attended college in Cheyenne, Wyoming for two years, as they had a good rodeo program and he wanted to spread his wings a little. Beni returned to Dickinson State University in Dickinson, ND because they had a great rodeo program in a great state. He wanted to obtain his bachelors degree in Business Administration with an Ag concentration. Beni's best college experience was being a part of the Reserve National Champion DSU Men’s Rodeo Team.

Beni was drawn to bull riding from an early age. He won a buckle riding calves when he was a kid and it felt good to win! Beni then progressed to riding steers, then cows and then bulls. I tried being a saddle bronc rider but it was too dangerous for me so I decided to focus on riding bulls. My goal was to be the best bull rider ever!

Beni Paulson, former PBR professional bull rider, turned Breaking Eight country music star.

The best part is the challenge of conquering a two thousand pound beast that wants to kill you and the feeling of being successful at it. The camaraderie within the sport is great. While attending a past (PBR ) Professional Bull Riders alumni reunion in Las Vegas, Beni remarks that it is awesome to see all my old buddies and fellow competitors. The only thing he really didn't like was the pain that occasionally comes into play. 

There's so much that goes through the mind of a bull rider before the chutes open. Beni liked to think about as little as possible. The thinking and preparation comes before you get in the chute. In the chute he focused on being really aggressive and making sure that my gear and everything would function properly and allow me to do my job, which was to stay on. Once the gate opens, there is no time to think, just react instantly. If you think about what you’re doing it’s too late and you are probably bucked off!

Beni Paulson has been honored at the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas, where he had the opportunity to be around the best athletes in the world. The positive energy and the confidence experienced at the PBR World Finals really inspired Beni to push and to be better.  Beni worked very hard for a long time and it was very fulfilling to reach the pinnacle of his sport and compete at the PBR World Finals in 2001. The relationships he developed, the places all around the world that he traveled, the great bulls he rode, being in rap music was all a very fortunate bonus for all of the work and dedication he did. He considers himself very blessed for all of the opportunities.

Beni's family has always been a very musical. Music surrounded him as a youngster. After leading a number of North Dakota bands, Beni is not only the lead singer, but the lead bass player of Breaking Eight. Breaking Eight is a high-energy country rock band who performs "music born on the back of a bull". Beni WAS that guy on the back of a bull and is now creating great music with Breaking Eight - a band with true rodeo and country roots. Breaking Eight's self-titled album is the first for the band and is Beni's first "rodeo" with original music.

Hear Beni's Rodeo Rock Radio Show, as he features new artists and new music.

Join Beni Paulson on Rodeo Rock Radio! It's the only radio show produced while in a saddle! 

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